Smears, Hoaxes, and Lawfare Against Trump

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Strategies for Smears, Hoaxes, and Lawfare

Democrat 2024 Lawfare and Trials against Trump

Smears and Hoaxes

Steele Dossier

Muller report
Obstruction case

Alpha Bank Hoax

Injecting Bleach Hoax: (Trump never mentioned injecting bleach, but Biden did)

Trump was speculating about UV therapy for infected lungs. He may have been onto something, but even if not it wasn't crazy and he never mentioned bleach (though Biden claimed he did).

Trump said disinfectant such as UV light, not bleach

Soldiers Hoax

John Kelly was the only named source and he has a clear political agenda:

Fine People Hoax

Bloodbath Hoax

Find Votes Hoax

also see * Election Interference: (RICO, Fani Willis)

Rapist Hoax
Anonymous sources

Clear Lafayette Square Hoax

Other Hoaxes

Love Putin Hoax and Dictator Hoax

Trump Senility

IVF Hoax